The Belly Baby Summit 2021

After a bit of a hiatus to try and resume some normalcy in our lives, the Belly Baby Summit is back!

Scheduled to launch Fathers Day with all new content, the Summit is a free worldwide event for anyone registered to watch. The content stays online for 10 days and after that is only available for viewing to those who have purchased the Summit.

Our teachers volunteer their time to educate you from around the world.

Our first four Summits launched during a global pandemic called Covid19, that changed our world and lives forever. Many left this earth, and we mourn their loss every day. For those of us left here on earth, we hope to educate and inspire and do the best work that we are called to do.

Our first four Summits were held at which is the home of Ana Brandt educational material. To better serve our global audience, we have moved the content to its own home, which is here

You can purchase any of the first four summits here -

To join this Summit for free please register below. You can also pre purchase the entire summit once we announce the instructors and the curriculum.

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Ready for In Person?

Pre registration is here for our in person Belly Baby Summit 1.0 in 2021. For those who attended our Belly Baby and Beyond conference that we ran for 3 years in a row, this is an all new experience. We have lower rates and a brand new schedule coming! Signup now and take advantage of early registration perks.